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iPad security

What happens if the iPad is damaged or stolen? 

It is student's duty to be responsible in the upkeep and protection of their devices. Any reported loss or damage to a device while at school will be investigated and dealt within the Colleges’ disciplinary procedures; however, St Patrick's College takes no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred to the device either at school or in transit to and from school and insurance is the responsibility of the family. Families are responsible for the costs of any repairs or replacement of the device. 

St Patrick's College will NOT be responsible for:
  • Personal devices that are broken, damaged or lost while at school or during school-related activities
  • Maintenance or upkeep of any personal device (keeping it charged, installing updates or upgrades, repairs or upkeep).
Check with your preferred insurance company (or even the iPad reseller) about your personal insurance at home and, to and from school, for your iPad. 

Care of the Device

  • Keep the cover on your iPad at all times. Folio covers are designed to be kept on during syncing and charging.
  • Know where your iPad is at all times. Make sure it is kept locked and secure when not in use. For example, iPads should be secured in student lockers if not being used during class time.
  • Store in an appropriate way – do not place your iPad insecurely on top of other things or underneath heavy objects.
  • Store and use in an appropriate place. Humid environments such as bathrooms will damage the iPad as will extreme heat or cold temperatures.

Transporting the IPad 

  • The iPad should always be within a protective case when carried
  • It is recommended that drink bottles be transported inside a waterproof bag if they are inside a backpack with an iPad. 

Screen Care 

The screen can be damaged if subjected to rough treatment. They are particularly susceptible to damage from excessive pressure and can be costly to repair. 
  • Do not lean on the top of the iPad. 
  • Do not place anything near the iPad that could put pressure on the screen.
  • Do not place anything in the carry case that will press against the cover. 
  • Do not poke the screen. 
  • Clean the screen with a soft, dry cloth or anti-static cloth. 
Battery Maintenance 
The battery life of portable devices is improving as technological enhancements are made. To get the most out of the battery life of the iPads, follow these simple tips: 
  • Reduce the screen brightness to a comfortable level 
  • Disable connectivity such as WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use
  • Lock the iPad screen when not in use 
  • Close all running apps when not in use