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Getting organised for the new school year

Your iPad is your learning tool, communication tool, entertainment tool and in some cases, your socialising tool. To maximise your success at your school work, it is important to keep your learning tools organised and accessible.

Organising the Home Screen on your iPad

Make sure you have all your most important productivity Apps on the home screen. This would include Google Drive, Pages and Keynote and perhaps your Calendar and other apps you frequently access.

You may downloaded a few Apps especially for one class (for example, you might have 2 or 3 mathematics apps or a bunch of science Apps.  Organise all the icons for a class into one folderOrganising Apps into folders.  Place your Science folder and your Google Drive icon on the Home Screen.
Home screen

Organising your Google Drive Folder

Your Google Drive folder is where ALL your science work should be stored. 
  1. Open your Google Drive Folder
  2. Create a new folder called Science_Lastname_Firstname
  3. Share the folder with dbourne@saintpatricks.nsw.edu.au (EDIT permission)
  4. Create the remaining subfolders as shown in the image below.

Folder Structure

We will create more folders as we need them.