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Social Networks

Chatting to friends using social networking or IM and chat are great ways to stay in touch and make new friends. However, you should always keep in mind that there are some risks meeting people online—especially if you don’t know them in real life.  When you share things online you may be sharing with other people you do not know or trust.  Once a message, photo or video has been shared, you won't be able to control where it goes.
  • Social networking sites are not allowed to be used during school hours.
  • Seek permission from your parents before signing up to social networking sites.
  • Limit your friend list—don’t 'friend' random people
  • Protect your privacy—don’t share your password and set your profile to private
  • Your personal details are valuable—don’t share them
  • Protect your reputation—keep it clean and ask yourself: would you want others to see what you upload?
  • Be careful who you trust—a person can pretend to be someone they are not
  • Don't use a webcam with people you do not know
  • Think before you post, chat, upload or download.