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Digital Identities

Your digital reputation is an important component of your self-respect and respect of others. It is defined by your behaviours in online spaces and by the content that you post about yourself and others. Online information could be there forever. Your personal information may end up being seen by people you don’t know, including potential employers.
Tagged photos, blog posts and social networking interactions will all shape how you are perceived by others online and offline, now and in the future.
A poor digital reputation can affect your friendships, relationships, your school work, your happiness and even your future job prospects - so protect your digital reputation.
  • Choose online names and avatars that are suitable and respectful.
  • Set profiles to private—and check every now and then to make sure the settings haven’t changed.
  • Keep an eye on photos tagged by your friends and remove ones that are offensive.
  • Think before you post! Posting personal information, including photographs could put you at risk. Once it is online, it’s very hard to take down.
  • Never meet with someone you met online in real life.