iPads and other emerging technologies are increasing easy access to socialising, collaboration and communication tools that offer a wealth of opportunities to support and expand learning beyond the classroom walls. iPads have the ability:
  • to access internet based services and resources
  • to access and contribute to online social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram
  • to capture, upload and electronically distribute images, video and audio
  • to instant message, communicate via voice or video messaging services via the Internet, Wi-fi or even BlueTooth technologies.
With great power comes increased responsibility for students who are given the privilege to use these technologies at School.

The conduct of students at St Patrick’s College is based on mutual respect for all in the school community, including themselves, and the recognition that all have an equal right to a stable, supportive and safe environment in which to learn. These values that underpin our school life extend to your digital environment and digital interactions with others. Students and their families agree to use technologies in ways that are in line with the College’s technology acceptable use guidelines and the St Patrick’s College Protection and Respect Policy. These documents are available on the College website.
St Patrick’s College promotes positive digital engagement with new technologies and are provided guidance in class and pastoral activities.