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Our Journey

Our journey began in late 2012 when we began to consider the future needs of our students and what technologies would be available in the future to support those needs. 

Our one-to-one net-book program became an important component in our goal of promoting a culture of innovative learning through the provision of dynamic learning environments. While our Lenovo net-book program has served our College well, it was time to reassess and respond the changing needs of our learners.

Listening to our students and knowing that their use of personal mobile devices outside the classroom was growing, we identified that our girls needed greater control over their learning environments. Specifically, our students need access to tools that are responsive to their needs, highly customisable, reliable, portable and durable. 

We are fortunate to have a very close working relationship with our ICLT colleagues at the Catholic Education Office in Wollongong. We were able to speak at length with their team about one-to-one learning in other schools in our Diocese. We had opportunities to speak with teachers in other iPad schools and listened to their success stories and the challenges they faced. Further research has led us to believe that personal mobile learning devices, and for 2014, iPads in particular, will support twenty-first century learners and the appropriate incorporation of technology as a tool to facilitate effective learning.

In response to this conclusion, St Patrick's College has issued iPads to our teaching staff, well in advance of the student deployments in 2014, so that we can explore best practice methodologies associated with highly effective learning. The ICLT staff are working to have our network infrastructure such as wireless and online resources ready for our 2014 deployment. In addition we have begun a trial program with a small group of students in Year 8 and a Bring Your Own Device program with interested girls in Years 11 and 12. Information from these initiatives are helping us with our decision making for our 2014 deployment.