The word app is associated with computer programs that have been designed to run on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones (mobile apps) or in a web browser (web apps). iPad apps are designed specifically for iPads and these allow you to perform a range of tasks with your iPad. To use the App Store, you must have an Apple ID.

What apps are needed?

The deployment procedure will be outlined early next year. Students will be provided with a list of required applications and the College will provide the initial core suite of applications required. 

Is my child allowed to install other Apps? 

Absolutely allowed and encouraged! The iPad is a personal device. It will be the student’s tool to assist her learning. We anticipate students will choose from a selection of Apps that they prefer for many of the basic uses of the device. Students are encouraged to try out and use different Apps. Part of the learning involved in the use of the iPad, is in the literacy of technical choice. Students will learn how to select the best App for a given task. The best App will be the one that best meets their needs at the time. Naturally, subject teachers will also specify Apps that best meet their curriculum needs.